Selling Your House Fast

If you are anything like us, we love all of the TV programs that are related to property. Homes Under The Hammer, Fill Your House For Free and not forgetting the lovely Sarah Beeney’s Double Your House for Half the Money; however, there are not many shows that specifically focus on vendors who are looking for a quick house sale.

Having said that Phil Spencer of Channel 4 has a great blog over at which is jam packed with information for sellers looking to sell their house. There are many people on the forums at who say ‘my house won’t sell’, or ‘I can’t sell my house’ and Phil has a great guide for sellers who are struggling with home sales.

If you don’t want to go through all of the information on the website, then we have summarised some of the points mentioned on the site, as well as added a few of our own for your reading. If you need a quick sale of your property then read on!

De-Clutter And De-Personalisation Are Key

If you can think back to when you first purchased your current home, you will remember what appealed to you most. You will probably also remember certain aspects that the previous owner had in regards to décor that you just didn’t like. This just proves that we are all different and all have different tastes. The most ideal situation with any home sale is to keep your homes décor as neutral as possible. You also need to de-clutter and remove any of your personal possessions that you don’t mind lying around – however your buyer won’t like!

A Lick Of Paint May Be Needed

If your paintwork is looking tired, and could do with a freshen up, its always nice to do that before buyers come round for viewings. There are many great deals on decorating material, and prices are very low at present. So now is the time to get your overalls out of the cupboard and a paintbrush in your hand! Remember, keep those colours neutral and non-specific.

Clean up!

Buyers don’t want to see a messy house, so make sure the property is spot less from top to bottom. If the property is an investment property, you can always ask your tenant to give the property a clean prior to any arranged viewings.

Who Is Your Target Market?

You really need to pay attention to who exactly your target audience is. Who will actually want to buy your home? Will it be families, retired couples or professionals? You can really angle your marketing to suit your target market if you know it.

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