Selling Your House Quickly In Gateshead

Gateshead, neighbouring town to Newcastle, has over the past few years developed into a thriving area, with many growing new businesses, top education establishments and a positive looking future. The property market in Gateshead has seen a huge growth spurt since early 2010, and with the creation of the new Gateshead town centre, including great shops, a cinema and top restaurants, it is no wonder that the town is attracting new faces to the housing market.

Property investors really love towns like Gateshead to buy property to add to their portfolio. The reason being is that the price of property in the Gateshead area is considerably cheaper than London, where most investors statistically reside.

This means when they rent out their investment property in the area, they are likely to see a much bigger return, than what they would do in the capital city. Whatsmore, because Gateshead is an up and coming town, and the city is under substantial regeneration; the property prices are only going to go up!

Sell Your House Fast In Gateshead.

We currently have investors who are specifically looking for property in the Gateshead area, especially in the postcode areas of NE8, NE9, NE10, and NE11. This includes areas such as Bensham, Dunston, Whickham, Felling, Leam Lane, Pelaw, Low Fell, Springwell, Team Valley, and Kibblesworth.

The investors that we have on our database are particularly interested in houses, but are also keen on bungalows and flats/apartments to add to their portfolios.

If we can’t find you an investor in the Gateshead area to help you sell quickly, we also have many other options available to you, including a direct link to a very well established Gateshead based estate agency, who can assist with a quick sale on the open market.

We also have our cash sale option available to you, which is our national service available to anyone. Remember, right now we are paying MORE for property in the Gateshead area, so if you have a property to sell now is the time to get in touch!

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